Los Angeles 2013: Porsche Cabrios Make LA Auto Show Debut

los angeles 2013 porsche cabrios make la auto show debut

Want to feel the wind rush through your hair as you turn the wheel in anger? Then Porsche has what you need in the form of the 911 Turbo and Turbo S cabriolets.

For $161,650 for the Turbo or $194,850 for the Turbo S, you’ll be able to feel the power of the 3.8-liter flat-six pushing anywhere from 520 to 560 twin-turbo horses from zero to 60 in 3.3 to 3.1 seconds, all through Porsche’s own PDK seven-speed transmission. Handling and active aero are available with a push of a button, while their aggressive looks should help others on the road get the hint, as it were.

Though the duo should arrive on our shores sometime early in 2014, Porsche has yet to specify the exact date.

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  • Johnny_5.0 Johnny_5.0 on Nov 20, 2013

    Amazing performance of course, especially for a cabrio. And while I know it isn't a good option for those who want to play with their toys during winter in snow country, I can't help but feel like the Jaguar F-Type V8S is a comparative bargain. It slots in between the regular and turbo 911 models performance wise, but it's a looker at less than half the friggin' price of the Turbo S. The starting price for the Turbo S is getting so high it is close to some more unique cars like a SLS GT Roadster. The SLS may not be as fast, but it is more rare, sexier, and has a sonorous V8 that might give you wood every time you drive it. Same for the much cheaper (and slower) Jag.

    • Lowsodium Lowsodium on Nov 22, 2013

      I just dont see a Porsche at this price being a good bargain at all compared to what else is out there.

  • 05lgt 05lgt on Nov 22, 2013

    Who fed the staff robot pure press release after midnight?

  • TitaniumZ Of course they are starting to "sour" on the idea. That's what happens when cars start to drive better than people. Humanpilots mostly suck and make bad decisions.
  • Inside Looking Out Why not buy Bronco and call it Defender? Who will notice?
  • Sobro My 2012 Yukon had only the passenger side ignitor recalled. Makes me wonder what penny pinching GM did for the driver's airbag.
  • DweezilSFV True.Arbitrary new "tests" in a lab don't make a previous model "less safe". But they will raise the cost and weight on the buyer for marginally improved "saaaaafety".And still, people want to "believe" their lives can be free of risks if "experts" tell them so. The insurance industry serves itself.
  • TheEndlessEnigma Soooo,,,,,,Land Rover designed a new vehicle.....that looks like a Ford Bronco?